Which are Worlds finest chocolate?

worlds finest chocolate

Do you want to taste the finest chocolate in the world? Off course you want to. But then how do you find out which one is the finest chocolate in the world. A Lot of people love sweets in general. Most of them love chocolates. Chocolate comes in various forms now. It comes in the form of white chocolate, dark chocolate and the regular variant that is a mix of white and dark chocolate. Well the term world’s finest chocolate actually means that the chocolate has to be very smooth and very pure in terms of the factors that define chocolate. Swiss chocolates are very famous all over the world for their purity and finesse. Though chocolate came into existence as a substance from the Spanish culture, Swiss chocolate beats a lot of other chocolates in the industry. There are a lot of Swiss companies that rule the market in terms of quality. However there are some very good US companies too. However it terms of innovation and quality nothing can beat Swiss chocolate.

If someone is sad or feeling depressed, he or she eats chocolate to feel better. So the better the chocolate the better it heals the hormones of the person who eats it. No other chocolate can even get closer to Swiss chocolate in this matter. Lindt chocolate produces some of the finest chocolates in the world. Lindt is very famous for its chocolates all over the world. However there is one more notable thing that there is a firm by the name Worlds finest chocolate. It has sold over 5 billion chocolate units so far and that in itself in an achievement. The company is known for its social awareness and doesn’t stay back in doing its part for the society. Its famous for its 1 $ bar and it takes part in a lot of activities for churches, educational institutions. It majorly organizes fund raising campaigns.

The company has their own plantation in St. Lucia where they grow the finest quality Cocoa. So there is no compromise on the product as the raw material is their own. Moreover they sell the chocolates to raise funds for various charitable organizations too.

With this finest chocolate, we can make a lot of variants of chocolates. We can make Fondue to dip various desserts. We can also make strawberry chocolate which is a unique variant of chocolate. We can also make chocolate chip cookies which taste very good if made from the worlds finest chocolate. In fact Ghirardelli makes some wonderful chocolate chip cookies known as Ghirardelli Chocolate chip cookies. There are variants of cookies in Ghirardelli, there is sweet one, there is semi sweet one and there is bitter sweet one.

So as we saw some of the best and finest chocolate in the world is made in Switzerland. However Belgian chocolate is also very famous in EU and some countries in APAC. However in terms of sales and enticing customers, American chocolate manufacturers win the race and they make some of the finest chocolates in the world and that’s not it, they are among the top positions in terms of sales.