What is Valentine’s chocolate?

valentines chocolate
Valentines Chocolate
Valentines Chocolate

Sweets, chocolate, truffles, fudge,  cakes all fall in the category of desserts. But more than used for eating purposes, they are presented as gifts and a token of appreciation. At mother’s day, father’s day and more important in valentine’s days, these gifts are too common. Chocolates and sweets are used to express love. They are presented to loved ones on special occasion.

Instead of giving any type of sweets, people prefer chocolates more as they symbolize the meaning of love. At special occasion, it is always a big confusion to select some gift for the person.




Here are some of the ideas which may assist in the gift selection:

mothers day gift
mothers day gift

• Mother’s day gift: chocolates are far most the most important part of the gift. With chocolates hearts and some nice quotations written on them, a mug, a dress along with a kiss can be given to the mother as a token of love. Check out some Mothers day Gift.

fathers day gift
fathers day gift

• Father’s day gift: again with chocolate, a perfume with a pleasant smell or something related to office use, like tie clip, or a pen can be given to the father as an expression of love. Check out some Father’s day gift.

chocolate covered strawberries
chocolate covered strawberries

• Birthday gift: accompanying chocolates, toys, watches and jewelry can be presented to the birthday girl/ boy. Check out some Birthday Gifts.

wooden red roses with black tips
wooden red roses with black tips

At valentines, flowers and chocolate are the most presentable gifts. The valentine’s chocolates and flowers are made especially on orders to give them to the loved and darling ones. Some lovers give the whole chocolate world to his girlfriend to express his feelings. Attractively wrapped in chocolate wrappers with adoring chocolate art on them, these valentine chocolates are exchanged widely between the lovebirds. Check out some Valentines Day Gift.

Valentine chocolate flavors:

It is not always necessary that the valentine chocolate should be of simple chocolate flavor. There are so many and tasty flavors which can be presented to the loved ones. Some of them are:

• Strawberry balsamic: melted dark chocolate and a concoction of chocolate covered strawberries.
• Peanut butter and berries: dark chocolate mixed with peanut butter and garnished with berries.
• Cappuccino: white creamy chocolate with a hint of chocolate and cinnamon.

Valentine chocolates are mostly of heart shape. Merely what if by chance, all the stores ran out of heart shape chocolate? There is nothing serious to worry about. Heart shape chocolates can be easily prepared at home. Check out some Valentines Chocolates.

The method of preparing heart shape chocolates for the darling ones is:

1. A block of chocolate
2. Heart shaped molds

1. Boil the water in a pan.
2. Take out the chocolate in a bowl and crush it as well as possible.
3. While the water is still simmering, set the bowl of chocolate in the pan.
4. Stir it well until the chocolate melts.
5. Pour the melted chocolate into the molds and keep them in the refrigerator.
6. Bring them out when set and with the assistant of the knife, take them out of the molds
7. In a beautiful chocolate box, arrange them and present them to the lover.

On valentine day different shops give free chocolate hampers as a token of admiration. Packed in the beautiful chocolate gift boxes, these valentine chocolates make the chocolate more enjoyable and romantic.