What is the best Chocolate Melter?

Wilton Chocolate Melting Pot
Wilton Chocolate Melting Pot

All time favorite of everyone, chocolate is highly famous and the most used flavor in the world. Some people do not like strawberry flavor, some do not like vanilla flavor. But almost every like and love to eat chocolate flavor. There is a very rare number of people who, do not like chocolate flavor. Everything is available in chocolate flavor from cakes to ice cream. From milk shakes to candy bars.

People crave for chocolate and uses different methods to eat chocolate in order to fulfill their desire. But eating or licking chocolate from the candy wrapper is something beyond tasty. The scrumptious, yummy, delicious chocolate when dissolve in the mouth, makes the feeling everlasting.

The chocolate making companies supply, their chocolate blocks, coffee bars, and toffees to the stores. They even distribute them as freebies as a token of appreciation and for the marketing of their chocolate. In weddings and parties, we get chocolate covered strawberries, wafers dipped in chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels and many more. Chocolate fountains are placed at parties, so that the mouth watering effect can take place. People look with lust at the chocolate fountain and want to lick the flowing and dripping chocolate from the fountain. A chocolate fountain idea is a good and awesome decision because it heats up the thirst deep down the nodes.

People bake cakes and cookies at their home. They melt chocolates in the pots. But not all pots are made for melting chocolate. Melting pots are made specially, so that the chocolate does not stick at the bottom.

Chocolate melting pot

Wilton chocolate pro-electric melting pot:  Wilton is a brand which manufactures kitchen items like baking trays, spatula and so on. It has also invented a number of chocolate melting pot out which one is pro-electric melting pot.

Wilton Chocolate Melting Pot
Wilton Chocolate Melting Pot


It is a non- stick pot, so that the chocolate does not get wasted.

A large mouth is present for the easy handling of the melted chocolate.

It can melt any type of chocolate within 10 minutes.

These characters are very significant in a melting pot and Wilton has manufactured all these calibers in the pro-electric melting pot.

A number of dishes from chocolate are made like chocolate tart, chocolate martini etc. They are almost every one’s favorite and goes well in parties and weddings. People crave for the chocolate fondue which flows from the chocolate fountain. Several times, they go to take a spoonful of the chocolate fondue. But it is not easy to get every time. Chocolate fondue is not something difficult. It can easily be made at home, though it will not flow through the fountain, but it will satisfy the thirst of chocolate fondue.

A curt and quick recipe of how to make chocolate fondue at home is:


a) 1 cup of heavy cream
b) 1 ½ cup of chocolate
c) Fruits as desired like bananas, apples etc in chunk form
d) Pinch of salt.


1. Melt the chocolate in the fondue pot.
2. When it is fully melted, add cream in it.
3. Whisk and beat the mixture. Add the pinch of salt also to the concoction.
4. With the help of the bamboo stick, take the fruit and dip it in the hot melted chocolate.

If the mixture starts getting stiff, add some more cream.

Enjoy the scrumptious chocolate covered fruits.

It is always interesting to try new things at home. The reward and the unlimited happiness are beyond limitations. The chocolate melters and chocolate pots have now made the task easier as a lot of chocolate and time are redeemed from being wasted.

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