How to make Christening cake?

christening cake

Sweets and desserts are nowadays old fashioned. Cakes have taken the place in the market. The demands of cakes are increasing day by day. On every occasion, cakes are served. Birthday is completed after the cutting of birthday cake. Wedding ceremony is completed, when the couple cuts the wedding cake. Similarly, baptism, baby welcome, all comes to end after the cutting of the baptism cake.

People think that distributing sweets and arranging desserts of different flavors every time, it is better to select a cake of some nice flavor. It is a light dish and is liked by people also. Easters cakes are full of rich flavor as the celebration is of the new beginning. Sometimes cupcakes are also served of different flavors to make the guests happy.

Cakes of different flavors like dark chocolate cake, coffee cake, vanilla cake, are very famous and these flavors are used more than any other flavors. These flavors leave an everlasting taste in the mouth which remains printed for many days.

Cake and the cake recipes are quite simple. People love to bake and it is always their desire to bake the cake of special occasion by themselves at home. The happiness and the praises which they get are beyond limits. Christening cakes are a bit difficult because a lot of decoration is required according to the event.

A recipe of christening cake is given below. Since it is a two tier cake hence the amount of the ingredients will be required more.


For small cake:

10 ounce of butter

10 ounce of sugar

4 eggs

13 ounce of flour

2 tablespoon of milk

For large cake:

1.2 kg of butter

1.2 kg of sugar

18 eggs

1.2 kg of flour

150 ml of milk


Preheat the oven at 350 F. the method of caking making for both the cake is the same.

Add the flour, baking powder and sugar in a bowl.

Beat eggs in the bowl and add milk in it.

Add the flour mixture and mix thoroughly.

Pour it down into the pan and bake for 30 minutes until the skewer comes out neat.

For icing:

22 ounce of butter

30 ounce of icing sugar

2 tablespoons vanilla extract

125ml of milk

Food coloring

Raspberry or strawberry jam

1 egg white mixed with icing to form glue.


Whisk butter, vanilla, milk and sugar together and mix well.

Add food color.

Cut the big cake into three pieces and spread jam on it.

Join the cake with the help of butter cream.

Now, cover the top and sides of the cake with butter cream.

When the icing is done, place the cake on the stand.

Decorate it with ribbons. Stick the flowers using the icing glue.

Christening cake is ready.

This cake can be used on any occasion. Like on Baptism, baby welcome, baby shower. Only the design will be change. For example, on the event of baby welcome, a cake having the design of baby cot will look impressive. Whatever the occasion or event is, cake goes well as they do not create the mess and are liked by everyone.