Chocolate Tasting Club

chocolate tasting club

The History and introduction

Chocolate tasting clubs were introduced to popularize the culture of chocolate eating and its related recipes. The chocolate tasting clubs have become very popular in the European region now days. They basically arrange tasting festivals and also thrive to prepare new and innovative recipes in chocolates. There are some really popular chocolate tasting clubs like The Hotel Chocolat and The Chocolate Tasting Club which has over 100000 locations now. There are also some clubs that serve chocolate with regular food like White Chocolate Grill.

How it works?

The Clubs work continuously to invent new chocolate varieties and make the members of the club happier every month. Basically these clubs grow their own Cocoa in Ghana, St. Lucia and a few other places. So they guarantee the quality of Cocoa that gets delivered to them. They give good technical support to the farmers and also provide better seeds at subsidized rates and that definitely guarantees better product. And there are no middle men here which means huge profits to the farmers and awesome mouthwatering delicacies to us (yes yes us J ). The clubs have their own chocolate factory.

So basically there are just three parties in the concept of chocolate tasting clubs. The farmers, The Chocolate makers (The Tasting Clubs), and the club members ( that is the end users ). This process is bound to deliver high quality products and this also helps to improve the life style of the farmers in countries like Ghana. So it connects the Cocoa farmers of Ghana with a luxurious industry of the chocolate making.  They produce handmade chocolates too. The tasting clubs produce both dark chocolate and white chocolate.

What is in it for the members?

So we can think that improving the lifestyle of the farmers and contributing to the clubs to be able to invent better clubs is all good but then what do we gain out of it?

The answer to that question is that we get new variety of chocolates every month at reasonable prices and also get to meet other chocolate lovers at times and share nice experiences .These clubs are nothing less than paradise for chocolate lovers.

Few Innovations from clubs

Let’s take a look at few of the most mind-boggling and palatable delicacies:

Giant Slab:

Giant slab is a very unique innovation from Hotel Chocolat. Each slab weighs 500 grams and its molten Chocolate coverture poured into a marble table and has a very unique shape. It is available in a lot of flavours like the “Rocky Road”, “Cookie Choc Chip” and many more.

Liquid Chocolat

Liquid Chocolat is another good innovation from Hotel Chocolat which has more Cocoa and less sugar as compared to regular hot Chocolate. It comes in a variety of flavours such as Caramel combination or combination of Aztec Chili to give a spicy twist.

The Purist

Purist is probably one the most versatile and finest product of Hotel Chocolat. It comes in a lot of variants too as they keep rediscovering its range and it’s a little complex. It consists of the finest Cocoa. It’s a must try delicacy for chocolate lovers.

Some more info on Chocolate

Other than this there are some chocolate manufacturers and they produce some nice chocolate like Lindt Chocolate, Royce Chocolate and Cadbury. We can also get vegan chocolate, chocolate fudge and chocolate fudge brownies at the tasting clubs and they come under regular delicacies.

So if you are passionate to learn on how make chocolates and how to innovate in the making , there are people out there who take chocolate making classes and we can easily learn Chocolate cake recipes , Chocolate chip muffins and a lot more recipes related to chocolate. We can also use a chocolate fountain to try something new.

So don’t wait and go get your Chocolate Tasting club membership right away if you are a chocolate lover and try innovating.