Chocolate diet for weight loss

chocolate diet

Chocolate is probably the tastiest eatable. Though regular chocolate diet doesn’t contain many benefits, there are some benefits of chocolate diet and we will see them later on here. Chocolate diet is loved by most people on the globe. It also includes a lot of other varieties that can be garnished by chocolates.

So what are the benefits of Chocolate diet? There are many health benefits related to chocolates. In face Dark chocolate is used in Paleo diet. If you are wondering how to loose weigh then the dark chocolate diet is probably a way you will enjoy following. Dark chocolate diet helps in weight loss and is gluten free diet. There are a lot of healthy snacks that can be made with dark chocolate. Some snacks like Chocolate covered apples, chocolate covered almonds, Chocolate coconut slice are gaining popularity amongst the health conscious people.

Chocolate diet can be full of healthy snacks like salads, fresh fruit and few lighter eatables. Actually chocolate diet allows us to have a mix of meals and snacks. And these products can be had in any form.

There are a lot of varieties of chocolate in the market that can be added to the chocolate diet. One we all know is dark chocolate which helps in reducing the taste for sweets and hence keeps the weight in check. Other than this, we can also have sugar free chocolate, diabetic chocolate if someone is suffering from diabetes. There is also gluten free chocolate which is really healthy.

So what makes chocolate so effective in weight loss. Well it cuts off your appetite so you eat lesser by the day and your weight would reduce as the body burns fat to generate energy. There are a lot of weight loss programs in the market that revolve around chocolates. And imagine how much fun it would be if you can eat chocolates and reduce weight at the same time.

Not just losing weight, there are other benefits of eating chocolates. Chocolates contain a lot of Cacao and cacao contains flavonoids. Flavanoids improve the blood flow and hence help in reducing the stress. This is just one of the many other benefits of dark chocolate. There are some variants of chocolate like chilli chocolate. Chilli chocolate is gaining popularity due to its weird combination. It’s a different taste for people who are bored of the regular chocolate. Chilli chocolate contains a spicy touch and this can be added to the chocolate diet as well.

Here is a sample chocolate diet:

Breakfast: fruit salad, milk, strawberries

A light snack in between breakfast and lunch would be ideal.

Lunch:  Salad, Dark Chocolate, Spaghetti.

Some snacks at the evening time like popcorn, chocolate,

Dinner: Boiled veggies, Pasta, Dark Chocolate or any of the low calorie chocolates.

This diet ensures that we don’t put up additional weight and based on the number of calories burnt, we can reduce the weight too. You can also try to innovate and try to dip the fruits in melted dark chocolate and taste those.