Beautiful Chocolate gift boxes

birthday cake box
birthday cake box

Strawberry, vanilla, caramel and vanilla are the widely spread flavors. But among all these, the most liked and used flavor is the chocolate. People are of the opinion that without chocolate, the world is incomplete. They can eat it orally or can use it any way. Some of them use it in custard and some enjoy this flavor in ice cream or cakes.

gift boxes
gift boxes

Chocolates are given as a token of love, to verbalize the feeling and to present of admiration. People usually choose chocolates of different flavors and shapes to give their loved ones. There are a number of shapes of chocolate gift boxes which are exchanged between the people.

• Heart shaped chocolate gift boxes: usually given at valentine’s day and on birthdays
• Triangle shaped chocolate gift boxes
• Diamond shaped chocolate gift boxes
• Star shaped chocolate gift boxes
• Circle shaped gift boxes
• Square or rectangle shaped gift boxes

These shapes depend on the thing they carry. Like chocolate truffles, chocolate candies or chocolate bars. These chocolate gift boxes should be unique and different on every different occasion. Like there are wedding chocolates which should be in the white box and should be decorated with red ribbons and streamers. Similarly, for valentine chocolates, the box should be heart shaped decorated with artificial bows and kisses of red color.

Different chocolate manufacturers make chocolate having a variety of flavors. The world’s finest chocolate is a company which makes the finest quality of chocolate from cocoa beans. These chocolate manufacturers provide chocolate for mother’s day gift, father’s day gift and so on.

If for instance, a good and nice packaging of the chocolate is not available in the chocolate shop, then here are some of the gift ideas packaging:

Gift for men: men usually like simple flavor of chocolate. Or some nuts and almond flavor of chocolate. A woman can give a gift basket full of chocolates and sweets in order to express her love. Check out latest Gifts for Men!

Gift for women: women are highly sensitive and soft. They like chocolates with a hint of strawberry, coffee, pistachio and many more. A man can give a gift basket full of flavored chocolates decorated with blooms. Check out latest Gifts for Women!

We always bake cake at home, but buy chocolates from the shops. Why not sample the home made chocolates? As baking is easy, similarly, chocolate making is also easy and enjoyable. You can make as many as you want and it is not very expensive also. Here is a short recipe of how making chocolate at home.

a) 1 cup cocoa butter
b) 1 cup of cocoa powder
c) ½ cup of raw honey
d) 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1. Boil water in a pan.
2. Take out the cocoa butter in a bowl and put the bowl in the boiling water.
3. Stir until the cocoa butter is entirely melted.
4. Remove from water and add cocoa powder, vanilla extract and honey.
5. Mix well and be careful not to spill water in the mixture.
6. After the mixture becomes well incorporated, pour it in the cast.
7. Pop it down in the refrigerator and wait till it gets harder.
8. Cut it into the desired shape and enjoy.

Giving chocolate as a gift in beautifully designed gift boxes remain in the memories forever. As it symbolize the true meaning of the love.

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